For all those persons willing to become SEBiot members, the Standing Rules (Article #20) states that:

    Artíicle 20.- Those scientists and technicians having published original research results, filed patents or carried out other scientific or technical contributions to Biotechnology, may become ordinary members. Candidates will be proposed by two ordinary members or one honorary member, using an official SEBIOT application form, stating the merits of the candidate. Applications will be sent, in due time, to the Secretary of the Society, who will present them to the Board of Directors for their consideration.

    Those proposals for new candidates that are approved with simple majority (not counting blank votes), will be submited for consideration to the General Assembly. These proposals will be displayed in the corresponding General Assembly agenda.

    Last update of the yearly membership fees took place by the Board of Directors in 28.03.07, being established as 30,00 € for ordinary members and 15 € for predoctoral members and retired scientists.

     To apply to SEBIOT, it is necessary to fill up the inscription form and get the support of two associates, sending those documents to the Society postal address (Vitruvio, 8  28006 Madrid), or else by e-mail ( or fax: 91-561-3464.