Aproved Spanish Bioeconomy Strategy.

Document The Spanish Bioeconomy strategy

Document The 2016 action plan

  Letter from COSCE and Scientific Spanish Societies to the President of Spanish Goverment
  Spanish strategy of Science, Tecnology and Innovation 2013-2020.
SEBIOT congratulates Dr. Juan Luis Ramos , vocal of the Board of Directors, for being awarded the Jaime I Prize 2012. on Environment Protection. His long research, teaching and management backgrounds has been valorated, especially the co-ordination of the Environmenal Quality Plans for the Ría de Huelva and Campo de Gibraltar between 2001 and 2006

Spanish Plan of scientific research, technical an innovation


The Platform of Biotechnological Markets
launches the campaing
Come close to Biotechnology

Support to the Open Letter for Spanish Science
Inform on Spanish public R&D

Inform from the Spanish Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Ministry on the Convention for Biological Weapons Ban


SEBIOT congratulates Dr. Mario Díaz Fernández , vocal of the board of directors, for being awarded the Chemical Engineering Prize 2013  for the Spanish Royal Chemistry Society

Biotechnology Partnering forum with global reach and Latin American focus, open to companies, researchers and venture capital companies

9-10 December 2013. Bogotá Colombia.

Sebiot has the pleasure to inform that the professors:

Dr. Juan Francisco Martín Martín


Dr. Armando Albert Martínez.

has been nominated Members of Honor of this Society

2014 The year for Biotechnology in Spain