The sections are spaces for SEBiot members to collaborate in various fields of research and dissemination of biotechnology. Participants in each section exchange information and organise activities in their field of interest. Contact the section coordinators to find out more about their activities and to propose your initiatives.

More information about the sections in the SEBiot Spanish website.

Coordinators: Dr. Francisco J. Plou ( and Dr. Pedro Lozano (

Coordinators: Regina Wittich ( and Dr. Pedro García Encina (

Coordinators: Dra. María Molina ( and Dr. Víctor Mulero (

Coordinator: Dra. María Pla  (

Coordinator: Dr. José Mª Carazo (

Coordinators: Dra. Angeles Sanromán ( and Dr. Emilio Molina (

Coordinators: Dr. Ramón González ( and Dr. Baltasar Mayo (

Coordinators: Dra. Rosa Aznar ( and Dr. Antonio Rodríguez (

Coordinator: Dr. Juan Carlos Arboleya (

Coordinators: Dra. Sara Gómez Quevedo ( and Dr. Álvaro González Garcinuño (