Improving Openness in Animal Research in Spain

Improving Openness in Animal Research in Spain

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14 octubre, 2024    
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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The European Animal Research Association (EARA) and Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia (CNB-CSIC) organise this event to discuss how to improve openness in communications about animal research with the general public, political decision-makers, and opinion formers in Spain.

This event is offered to those working in the life sciences sector and is designed to support researchers, communications staff and institutions that wish to be more open about the animal research they carry out. The focal theme of the workshops is to discuss why scientists, researchers, press officers and other stakeholders can and should talk about animal research while also considering and discussing alternatives. Non-Animal models (NAMs) —which include technologies like in vitro cell cultures, organoids, organ-on-a-chip systems, and computer modelling— can complement or replace traditional animal research, reducing reliance on animal testing and advancing biomedical science.

While public debate on animal research has been on the rise in various European countries and research institutions, there is still significant reluctance within many academic institutions, and amongst scientists, towards conducting a more open and consistent dialogue with the public. Many scientists are still afraid that speaking more openly about their research and their motivations will make them targets, while others lack the confidence to put the case for animal research to what they view as a skeptical public and a potentially hostile media.

The event will provide the opportunity to know the different points of view about this issue from experts such as Kirk Leech (EARA), Lluis Montoliu (CNB-CSIC), Sergi Vila (EARA/COSCE), and José Solves (Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera).


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