The Spanish Society of Biotechnology has as objective to promote in Spain the development of the Biotechnology in all his branches and activities. Biotechnology is defined like  the application of scientific and technical principles to the processing of materials by biological agents in order to supply goods and services


The principal aims of Sebiot are:

  • To promote the research and to facilitate the transmission of knowledge in Biotechnology.
  • To constitute a forum of exchange of ideas and information between biotechnologists and professionals involved in biotechnological aspects.
  • To promote and to disseminate the knowledge of the biotechnology in the society.
  • To channel the relations of collaboration with public and private scientific institutions.
  • To promote the exchange with other countries, specially in the frame of the U.E.
  • To relate to societies and similar national and international associations.
  • To promote and to organize scientific meetings, courses and seminars
  • To support scientific publications.

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