Biotechnology on the radio

Biotechnology on the radio

On October 26, our president, Dr. Fernando Peláez, director of the Biotechnology Programmme at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), began a regular collaboration with the programme Longitud de Onda, presented by Yolanda Criado and Fernando Blázquez at RTVE Radio Clásica. The objective of this space, which is broadcast monthly, on the fourth Wednesday of each month, at 11 am, is to talk about biotechnology for the general public, also seeking complementarity with music.

The two programmes carried out so far have been dedicated to beer, which like other common foods and drinks is a biotechnological product, although many people do not know it, and to vaccines. Below we leave you the podcasts of both programmes (in Spanish) and we invite you to listen to them, and to follow the programme monthly.

October 26, 2022 >> Biotecnología en la cerveza

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